Catering Business - Change in the Type of Business Activity

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When a catering business is first registered, the type of business activity to be carried out by this catering business is defined (e.g. hotel, restaurant, bar). If this type of business activity changes, however, the caterer must report this change to the authority.

The types of catering business activity are not defined by law. Their various forms are defined by economic realities and trade usage.


No fees or taxes are incurred.


Sections 111 paragraph 5, 345 of the Gewerbeordnung (GewO)


Requests may be made personally, in writing or by electronic means.


  • The trade licenceGerman text must cover the services to be rendered under the changed type of business activity.
  • The contents of the type of business activity must be defined.
  • The designation of the type of business activity must not combine two forms which are typically carried out at different times (e.g. restaurant and bar).

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Trade authority locally competent for the location of the catering business:

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