Medical Doctors - Declaration of Temporary Services

Competent authority

Austrian Medical Chamber by way of the respective medical chamber of the province in which the service shall be provided

Costs and fees

If a prior check of the service provider's medical qualification is required, administrative fees between 226.72 Euro and 1,472.55 Euro apply, depending on actual efforts (Fees 2019).

If an aptitude test is imposed an additional fee of 630 Euro (from 1 January 2019 onwards) applies.

Further information

This application is for the profession of:

  • General practitioner
  • Specialised doctor

General information

Before the first provision of temporary medical service in Austria requiring temporary residence in the federal territory, the service provider must submit a written declaration by way of the respective medical chamber of the province in which the service shall be provided.

It is hereby expressively stated that regular medical activities in Austria are not classified as temporary provision of services. Medical practice on a regular basis in Austria requires registration with the Austrian Medical Chamber pursuant to section 27 of the Ärztegesetz 1998.

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Declaration: may be submitted in person, by post or by electronic means

Preliminary proceedings: If required, prior check of the medical qualification; if necessary, aptitude test before the authorization for the temporary provision of services can be granted

Length of proceedings: In the case of automatic recognition, the authorization can be granted directly after the written declaration. If there is a prior check of the qualification needed, the process may take up to two months.

Legal remedy: A complaint against a notification may be submitted to the Austrian Medical Chamber in writing within four weeks from the delivery of the notification.

Required documents

  • Proof of the nationality of the service provider
  • Attestation of the competent authority of the country of origin certifying that the holder is legally established in a Member State for the purpose of pursuing the activities of a general practitioner or a medical specialist and that she/he is not prohibited from practising the medical profession, even temporarily, at the moment of delivering the attestation
  • Evidence of medical professional qualifications
  • Declaration about the applicant’s knowledge of the German language necessary for practising the profession in Austria
  • Evidence of professional indemnity insurance pursuant to section 52d of the Ärztegesetz

All documents and certificates (except the proof of the nationality) must be submitted as an original or as a copy authenticated by a court or a notary public. If documents are not written in German or English, they have to be translated by a certified court translator.

Non authenticated copies or untranslated documents are not accepted as evidence.

After processing, all original documents will be returned immediately.


Evidence of medical professional qualification and proof of nationality of an EU or EEA member state or Switzerland

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