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  • Proof of nationality
  • Certificate of qualification of the home member state which entitles the party concerned to take up work as a free-lance architect
  • Certificate, that the education corresponds with Annex V, 5.7.1 of Directive 2005/36/EG on the recognition of professional qualifications
  • Certificates of the competent authority of the home member state (no more than three months old) stating that the requesting party
    • is reliable
    • has not been declared bankrupt
    • complies with the code of conduct of his/her profession


There is no expert information available.


No special deadlines need to be observed.

general information

EU/EEA nationals and Swiss nationals and their family members who are licensed to practice the profession of free-lance architects in their home countries may, under certain conditions, become established in Austria to practice their profession on Austrian territory.

Swiss nationals and EU/ EEA nationals are deemed to be equivalent concerning licensing to practice their professions.


  • Request:
    • EUR 47.30 federal fee
    • attachment: EUR 3.90 per sheet
  • Official decision:
    • EUR 83.60 federal fee
    • EUR 98 federal administrative levy

Fees or taxes become due once the procedure is settled. For this purpose a payment form will be mailed to the party concerned.


Sections 10, 32 paragraph 2 of the Ziviltechnikergesetz (ZTG)


The request may be submitted personally, in writing or by e-mail to the competent authority.


  • The requesting party must have been licensed to work as an architect in his/her home country.
  • No reasons for disqualification.

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