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Self-executors, who respectively don’t make use of a collection or recovery system to fulfil their obligations. Large-scale packaging waste generation points, own importers, suppliers to large-scale packaging waste generation points as well as fillers of reusable containers

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The notifications have to be submitted three years after the expiry of the respective calendar year.

general information

According to the Verpackungsverordnung the following persons are subject to a notification obligation:

  • Self-executors, who respectively don’t make use of a collection or recovery system to fulfil their obligations:
    • Producers and importers of service packages
    • Packers with respect to their packages used for the first time which are no service packages and
    • Importers with respect to the packages of the commodities or goods imported by them
  • Large-scale waste producers: Owners of plant locations, who are no institution comparable to a private household and consume at least one of the following minimum quantities of commercial packages which are generated within the framework and for the purposes of this enterprise, in the respective calendar year:
    • Paper, cartons, cardboard and corrugated cardboard: 80 t
    • Glass: 300 t
    • Metals: 100 t
    • Plastics: 30 t
    A large-scale waste producer must be entered in the register of large-scale waste producers of the Federal Ministry of Climate Action, Environment, Energy, Mobility, Innovation and Technology (EDM).
  • Own importers: Final users who buy packages and/or packaged goods or commodities for their enterprise from abroad and in whose enterprise they are generated as waste
  • Suppliers to large-scale packaging waste generation points, if they verifiably supply large-scale waste generation points and don’t use a collection and recovery system to fulfil their obligations:
    • Producers
    • Importers
    • Packers
    • Distributors of transport or sales packages

The respective contents of the notifications can be taken from the Annex 3 of the Verpackungsverordnung 2014.


No tariffs or duties have to be paid.


In order to be able to submit the notifications a registration in the Electronic Register for Industrial Plant and Personal Master Data (eRAS) is required, which must be applied for at the EDM portal.

After the registration and the login (entry of the access data) the required notifications to the EDM portal can be carried out.

Depending on the status of the persons/bodies subject to notification, the reporting data are divided according to packaging material categories, quantity placed on the market, quantity taken back, imported quantity which accrued at the company and was not 'dispensed' of the notification obligation, transferee in the role of the collector, recycling company or party with take-back obligation etc.


See Description of the subject matter.

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Registration is by electronic means via the EDM portal of the Federal Ministry for Climate Action, Environment, Energy, Mobility, Innovation and Technology.

Entrepreneurs registered in the Business Service Portal USP have the possibility to use this and many other online proceduresGerman text with one single logging into the USP. More detailed information on the registration in the USP is available in the online guidance on USP registrationGerman text.

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