Approval of Events – Circus Performances, Shows, etc.

General information

Official approval is necessary if touring public circuses, shows, performances and amusements (except for lectures, theatre productions and concerts) take place and if visitors or property might be endangered by their technical or operating equipment.




- approval may only be granted to persons who, on the basis of their past behaviour, justify the assumption that they will make use of the approval in ways that are within the law. 

- the approval may only be granted if it can be ensured that substantial hazards and harmful effects will be avoided.
- if necessary, the approval may be made subject to the fulfilment of conditions and restrictions and/or will be granted temporarily. 

- the licence applicant must submit all the documents necessary for the application to be assessed.

- the district authority is entitled to demand that the applicant submit expert evidence as well as proof of an adequate general liability insurance.

Responsible department

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