Catering Trade - Changes of Opening and Closing Hours

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No special documents are necessary.


No special time-limits need be observed.

general information

Basically, the provincial governor stipulates any opening and closing hours for the individual types of catering establishments by way of decree. The competent authority may, however, grant any earlier opening hours, or later closing hours, respectively, upon application.

Certain limitations may apply depending on certain conditions.


There are no stamp duties and federal administration fees (section 333a of the Gewerbeordnung).


Section 113 paragraph 3 of the Gewerbeordnung (GewO)


Applications can be made in person, in writing, or also electronically. The municipality makes the relevant decision with any other public interests in mind.

Licences are not granted if the neighbourhood has been unreasonably molested repeatedly by any non-punishable behaviour of guests outside the premises of the catering establishment, or if the landladies/landlords of any catering establishment have been repeatedly sentenced by a court of law for violating orders concerning opening and closing hours.

Last-resort municipality decrees are subject to appeal to the Federal Administrative Court.


See description of the contents.

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  • The municipalityGerman text which the catering establishment is located in.

If the closing and opening hours in any further business establishment are concerned, applications must be submitted to the competent municipality.

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