Notification of the Annual Waste Balance (incl. Blanc report)

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Waste collectors and operators of waste treatment facilities that are subject to recording requirements.

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The annual waste balance sheet has to be uploaded as XML file to the register (EDM portal). The necessary content and structures are set out in the Abfallbilanzverordnung.

The file format needed for the electronic transmission has been published on the EDM portal.

For small landfill operators, electronic support in the form of a downloadable recording tool ( eADok) is offered on the EDM portal, that may be used by other "small" waste collectors or waste management operators as well.


No expert information is available.


The report must be filed by March 15 of each year.


The first annual waste balance about the reporting year 2010 had to be reported by 15 March 2011.

general information

Waste collectors and/or operators of waste treatment facilities that are subject to recording requirements have to record continuously the following data in electronic form form:

  • the origins of the types of waste accepted
  • the quantities
  • the whereabouts
  • the types and quantities of the materials returned to the economic cycle
  • A summary of the data from the preceding calendar year must be reported to the Authority once a year (annual waste balance).

Please note that waste collectors or waste operators of waste treatment facilities who are subject to recording requirements and who have neither taken over nor handed over waste nor carried out any waste treatment in the previous calendar year must submit a blank report.


No tariffs or duties have to be paid.



The annual waste balance has to be notified in electronic form via a defined interface by way of the register (EDM portal). For this purpose, the waste collector or the operator of the waste treatment facilities logs into the EDM portal using his/her access data (user name and password) and there uploads his/her annual waste balance sheet (XML file) by the application "Bilanzen".

Entrepreneurs registered in the Business Service Portal USP have the possibility to use this and many other online proceduresGerman text with one single logging into the USP. More detailed information on the registration in the USP is available in the online guidance on USP registrationGerman text.


The collection or treatment of waste by persons subject to the obligation of recording as specified in section 17 of the Abfallwirtschaftsgesetz 2002 (AWG 2002).

Zusätzliche Informationen

For all waste collectors and waste handlers who have been granted a permit by the Provincial Governor pursuant to section 24a para. 1: If a person subject to the reporting obligation does not submit a waste balance sheet (nor a blanc report) for a longer period than two consecutive reporting periods, the permit shall be deemed to have expired (see section 27 AWG 2002).

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