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The landfill notification has to be uploaded as XML file into the register ( The necessary contents and structures are set out in the Deponieverordnung 2008.

Assistance can be found at the EDM Portal.

The necessary data and the required file format for the electronic transmission have been published at the EDM portal.


No expert information is available.


The notification must have taken place by the 15 March of the calendar year subsequent to the reporting period.

general information

Owners of landfills must notify the Federal Ministry of Sustainability and Tourism of the

  • total waste quantities landfilled in the previous calendar year (split-up according to waste owners and types of waste) and
  • the residual capacities in cubic metres

as electronic "Waste Input Output Notification" via the EDM portal of the Federal Ministry of Sustainability and Tourism.


No tariffs or duties have to be paid.



The owner of the landfill logs into the register at the EDM portal using his/her access data (user name and password) and there uploads his/her landfill notification (XML file) under "Meldewesen" in the application "eBilanzen".


In order to be able to submit the notifications, it is required to register (once) with the "Electronic Register for Waste Management Master Data" (eRAS).

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Federal Ministry for Climate Action, Environment, Energy, Mobility, Innovation and Technology (→ BMK)

The notification takes place by electronic means via EDM portalGerman text of the Federal Ministry of Sustainability and Tourism.

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