Management Accountant - Exemption from the Examination

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Supporting documents concerning the examination already passed and where the content of which is comparable to the professional examination.


No expert information is available.


No special deadlines need to be observed.

general information

Persons who have already passed certain contents of an examination comparable to the written part of the professional examination are exempted from taking the contents within the written part of the professional examination. The competent authority has to decide on the exemption by notice. Exemption from an examination must be requested from the competent authority.

Persons who have already got an authorisation as commercial accountant or payroll accountant are exempted from the contents of the professional examination for management accountants that they are allowed to carry out because of their authorisation. The contents are defined in the Bilanzbuchhaltungsberufe-Prüfungsordnung 2014 (BB-PO 2014).



The request may be submitted personally or in writing in German to the competent authority.


Request for exemption from an examination

Zuständige Stelle

The President of the Austrian Federal Economic Chamber / Office of the Management Accountancy Authority (→ WKO) German text (Der Präsident der Wirtschaftskammer Österreich / Geschäftsstelle Bilanzbuchhaltungsbehörde)

Complaints will be decided by the federal administrative court ( Landesverwaltungsgericht) in question.

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