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General information

Basically, there are three ways of terminating a concession:
The holder of the concession waives the concession.
The State Government withdraws the concession (please refer to section “Detailed information”
The concession shall end if the holder is granted a concession for the operation of another ski school.




Any waiver of a concession shall be made in writing.
Any withdrawal of a concession shall be subject to the conditions laid down in the section "Detailed information".

More information

The concession to operate a ski school shall be terminated by waiver declared by the holder of the concession. The waiver shall be notified to the State Government by written notice.

The State Government shall withdraw a concession to operate a ski school through the issue of an administrative notice, if the holder 

a) does not longer meet the requirements (§ 4 paragraph 2 (a or f) respectively paragraph 5) for being granted the permit,
b) the concession to operate a ski school has not been used for the duration of a financial year or if he or she has not given skiing lessons for one winter, provided that he or she had not been charged with administrative tasks to be effected for the ski school, or  
c) the holder has repeatedly violated a provision of the law referred to.



Legal foundation:

Article 6 Law on ski Schools

Responsible department

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