Chartered Engineering Consultants - License for Natural Persons

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general information

Having passed the civil engineer's examination, successful candidates may be licensed to work as civil engineers on a self-employed basis. This licence is awarded by the Federal Minister for Digital and Economic Affairs.


  • Request:
    • EUR 47.30;
    • attachment: EUR 3.90 per sheet.
  • Official decision:
    • EUR 83.60 federal fee;
    • EUR 98 federal administrative levy.

Fees or taxes become due once the procedure is settled. For this purpose a payment form will be mailed to the party concerned.


Section 10 of the Ziviltechnikergesetz (ZTG)


The request may be submitted personally or in writing to the competent authority.


  • Successfully passed examination for civil engineers;
  • Legal capacity;
  • No bankruptcy;
  • Reliability.

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