Compost Production/Import - Records

Costs and fees

No costs accrue for making it available.


The records shall be kept continuously.

General information

Compost producers and/or importers must keep records on:

  • Type, quantity, origin of the wastes taken over
  • Designation of the compost batch
  • Used wastes and additives
  • Separated parts in the composting process
  • Epidemiologic assessment
  • Finished compost
  • Buyers of composts

Producers and/or importers of compost must continue to keep records on the compost handed over to customers.

Last update

23 January 2024

Legal basis


There is no special procedure to be followed.

Required documents

Proof and documents according to Annex 6 of the Kompostverordnung

Responsible for the content

Federal Ministry for Climate Action, Environment, Energy, Mobility, Innovation and Technology
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