GISA-Excerpt and Information from GISA

Competent authority

Any district administration:

Costs and fees

There are no stamp fees or federal administrative levies.


No special deadlines need to be observed.

General information

The Trades Information System Austria (GISA) contains the most important business-related data of all trade businesses established in Austria. An interested party can obtain easily information on a trade business's name of owner and company, location and designation of trade licence. For certain data (e.g. place of residence) the requesting party will have to provide a satisfactory explanation for his/her legitimate interest in this information. For data of sole traders not listed in the company register the Trades Information System Austria is currently the only authentic source of information.

Last update

12 January 2024

Legal basis

Sections 365a paragraph 1, 365b paragraph 1 and 365e paragraph 1 of the Gewerbeordnung 1994 (GewO 1994)

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A request for information can be made personally, in writing or – wherever technically possible – by electronic means.

Authorities are obliged to provide anyone with the data included in the Trades Information System Austria (see section 365a paragraph 1 and section 365b paragraph 1 of the Gewerbeordnung 1994). This data is provided online free of charge by the Federal Ministry for Labor and Economy.

In individual cases it is also possible to submit a request for information online (online-procedure with or without citizen card or mobile phone signature) to the district administration. For individual requests at the district administration please take into account the general information.

For municipalities, authorities and public institutions that need trades information in order to fulfil their legal duties access is provided via the Portal Austria run by the BRZ GmbH.

Required documents

No special documents are necessary.

Responsible for the content

Federal Ministry of Labour and Economy
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