Management Accountancy Professions - Termination of Voluntary Suspension

Competent authority

The President of the Austrian Federal Economic Chamber/Office of the Management Accountancy Authority ( WKO) German text (Der Präsident der Wirtschaftskammer Österreich/Geschäftsstelle Bilanzbuchhaltungsbehörde)

Complaints will be decided by the federal administrative court [ Landesverwaltungsgericht] in question.

Costs and fees

Reports are free of charge.


Termination of voluntary suspension must be reported in writing without delay.

General information

Persons and firms having temporarily withdrawn their licence to exercise their management accountancy profession on a self-employed basis and intending to resume the self-employed exercise of this profession must report termination of suspension in writing to the competent authority.

The authority will prohibit the resumption of this business activity under the corresponding conditions. A written notice must be issued about the prohibition of resumption. The accountant has the right to file a complaint against the decision of the authority at the federal administrative court (Landesverwaltungsgericht).

Last update

12 January 2024

Legal basis

Section 41 paragraphs 4 to 9 of the Bilanzbuchhaltungsgesetz (BiBuG)


The report can be submitted in writing to the competent authority.

Required documents

  • Documentary proof of identity;
  • Certificates or supporting documents concerning satisfaction of requirements;


Persons who want to exercise management accountancy professions must meet the following requirements for being publicly appointed:

  • Full legal capacity;
  • Special trustworthiness;
  • Well-ordered finances;
  • Valid errors and omissions insurance policy;
  • Existing office address; and
  • A successfully passed professional examination for the accountancy profession in question.

Resumption of activity following voluntary suspension of licence must be refused if no supporting documents concerning the satisfaction of general requirements are submitted or if the general requirements for exercising the profession are not satisfied; or in cases of resumption of activity by a natural person after more than seven years of voluntary suspension unless primarily relevant activities were performed during this period.

Responsible for the content

Federal Ministry of Labour and Economy
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