Departure Managing Director under Trade Law

Competent authority

Trade authority locally competent for the business location in question and/or for the location of additional places of business:

Costs and fees

No fees or taxes are incurred


Report must be filed, without delay, upon departure.

Further information

Upon departure of the managing director appointed under trade law, legal persons and commercial partnerships must appoint a new managing director under trade law and report this appointment to the competent authority.

The deadlines will be reduced by the competent authority if

  • the continued exercise of a trade without managing director constitutes a special risk to human health or life, or
  • in the past two years prior to departure of the managing director the trade was carried on without a managing director for an aggregate of more than six months.

General information

Departure of the managing director under trade law must be reported by the holder of the trade licence to the competent authority.

Reported departure will result in the managing director being deleted from the Austrian Business Licence Information System.

Last update

12 January 2024

Legal basis

Sections 9, 16, 39 and 47 of the Gewerbeordnung 1994 (GewO 1994)

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Managing director – departure German text
Necessary for online procedure: GISA-number (e.g. 123456/g/06/07 – can be found in the GISA-extract and in notifications sent by the trade authority), companies register number or social security number


Departure of the managing director under trade law may be reported – either with or without the use of an official form – personally, in writing or by electronic means.

An informal report shall include the following information:

  • Name and designation of company
  • Primary location or location of an additional place of business (branch office)
  • GISA-number
  • Name of the departing managing director
  • Exact date of departure

Required documents

Official ID document

Responsible for the content

Federal Ministry of Labour and Economy
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